Manufacturing and MSPS. Partners in security.  

Though manufacturing is not always the first target for ransomware attacks, we have seen in the past how attacks on manufacturers can be debilitating to when the attacks do happen. An MSP will help you avoid downtime should a data breach occur and assure that your systems are backed up and secured for all potential attacks. 


A managed service provider is a company that provides a computing platform for businesses and organizations to manage their IT infrastructure. MSP’s will manage firewalls, servers, routers on a subscription basis. Depending on your company’s needs your pricing may vary. Each company will have a unique set-up for their business. However, hiring an MSP is becoming more vital for manufacturing businesses of all shapes and sizes as we live in the ever-evolving world of hacker’s, ransomware, and data attacks.  



Many smaller companies have limited in-house IT capabilities, so they may view an MSP’s service offering as a way to obtain IT expertise. But larger enterprises may also contract with MSPs. For example, government agencies facing budget pressures and hiring limitations may contract with an MSP to supplement their in-house IT staff.   

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Why MSP Makes Your Company Safer.  


Let us face it, the internet and technology are the Wild West of the modern world. Every day we are battling new viruses, new ransomware, new technical issues that are becoming increasingly more difficult to fix. If you are a small company or a medical facility you may not have the money or the time to be able to cover all the technical needs, you need.  


Often, we put our heads down and hope for the best, hoping that we will dodge the bullet. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that you are more likely to have corruption overtake your systems than not.  


Adding an MSP to your contingency play will help bring more security to your company and help reduce the headache of facing a ransomware attack. Here are just a few things that an MSP can provide.  


Remote Support.  

 Remote support incorporates faster solutions and helps the moment a problem occurs, the remote support team of your MSP is there to answer your questions, troubleshoot and help with updating software and any other assortment of issues you may come upon.  



24/7 Monitoring.  


A benefit of an MSP is 24/7 monitoring of your systems. A good MSP is consistently checking and updating software and providing consistent security checks to keep your systems secure. They may also be key to preventing ransomware attacks before they are able to fully infiltrate your systems. Their software will help quickly identify malicious malware and alert the correct people to remove it from the system.  




MSP’s help provides vital maintenance to all systems and devices within your facility, this allows you to sit back and relax knowing your systems are safer.  

When systems are running at their finest capacities, they are less vulnerable to data losses and malware attacks.  


The Right MSP For You.  


Astoria is a high-level MSP whose goal is to build a plan that helps you be successful. Looking at your manufacturing business as a whole and narrowing our attention to the details to assure the most vulnerable parts of your system is now the strongest.  



 Astoria offers support when your system crashes or through a ransomware attack, the need for intelligent experts is imperative when navigating a ransomware attack. Support is just a call away, bringing you assuring your business does not suffer.  



Real Time Monitoring.  


Your bases are always covered all day, every day. All your back doors are being consistently monitored and tested for vulnerabilities. When your system is under consistent surveillance for malicious malware or hackers, Astoria will quickly locate and efficiently prevent it from doing any damage.  



Anti-Virus Support.  


Astoria protects your network like a hawk, and we will navigate any virus or hacking attacks. Along with establishing a strong anti-virus system to keep virus malware from corrupting your systems. When you are not sure if something is corrupt, you can contact Astoria and they will assist you in identifying any issues.  


Quarterly Maintenance.  


Astoria ensures your systems are consistently up to date and functioning properly.  

Updating devices, installing new vital software, checking firewalls. Ensuring that all systems and passwords are up to date and secure, creating peace of mind for you and your staff.   



 The most vital part to an MSP is creating a healthy backup system. DataCom can help you store daily or weekly backups for your business.  


This helps prevent data loss, corruption, and ransomware attacks from disabling your systems. Should an emergency ever occur you will rest easy knowing that you have saved all your important business information safely away. 


Astoria is a high-level MSP; our goal is to build a plan that helps you be successful. Looking at your manufacturing organizations as a whole and narrowing their attention to the details to assure the most vulnerable parts of your system is now the strongest. 


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