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Empowering Your Business with Microsoft 365 and Office 365

We provide our customers with access to the powerful Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite. Microsoft’s legacy in perfecting the Office suite spans decades, and their recent transition to cloud systems with Office 365 reaffirms their commitment to continuous innovation.

Unlock the Full Potential of Microsoft’s Suite

Businesses around the world rely on Microsoft Office 365 to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. We specialize in guiding our clients to maximize the potential of this robust platform. Whether you’re upgrading from on-premise desktop-based Office products, migrating from a different suite, or launching a new business and seeking the right technology foundation, Trust Astoria is your go-to partner.

Your Path to Success Starts Here

Contact Astoria today, and let us pave the way for your success. We’ll ensure a seamless transition, a comprehensive setup, and provide ongoing support to help you make the most of Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Trust Astoria to empower your business with the tools and technology it needs to thrive.

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Stop worrying about IT.

Whether you have a pressing technical problem or are at the early stage of an IT project, we are here to help.

Astoria uses models like, the cyber security zero trust model

We treat our clients like family. Astoria will prioritize you, be flexible for you, and like a family we will protect you.

Like a hawk, Astoria keeps family at the center of what we do and how we protect and build each other up. This extends to our customers; we will aggressively and protectively support our business partners and customers.

Here at Astoria, you are our family. How can we help you?

Nate Sheen with DataCom always provides me with excellent service. He provides advice as well as technical support. Every question and problem I have gets a fast, friendly solution to my great satisfaction. I highly recommend him and DataCom. I have been a client for over two years and I have always gotten great personal service. What I really like is DataCom's ability to service me remotely I live in San Antonio, TX and still all of my computer needs are taken care of quickly with great ease for me.
Ted Yearick
Thank You Nate for the prompt service and the IT education you provided to us today. Looking forward to continued service with you. I recommend DataCom Tech to anyone wanting IT service. God Bless you.
Nita Harper
Very Helpful staff quick to help resolve Mac Backup Issue
Angela Cash
They helped me work thru the problem with my new ISP router and I was able to login the next day!
Nate & team are amazing-- Highly recommend.
Charles Mitchell
Prompt courteous complete service!
Paul Etzler
Nate Sheen and his staff have always addressed any issues promptly with great knowledge and skill. I would highly recommend them.
Lidia D.
Astoria Technologies worked tirelessly to fix a complicated problem that I had with my email. They were professional, patient, and fixed the problem. I am very grateful. Integrity Group Services LLC can now run much smoother. knowing I have the Astoria team to help me is a huge relief.
Deborah Giebel
Nate and the team at Astoria are great at finding solutions to my computer issues! Services is timely and I know that when I reach out there will be a solution
Keith Hochadel
Somehow I got locked out of my computer and no password would work. We were very grateful for Astoria's help in solving the problem quickly & efficiently. We received courteous attention and appreciated the patience and clear explanations to questions.
Richard Randolph
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