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The Ransomware Prevention Plan?

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The Ransomware Prevention Plan is a IT package developed for you and your business.

Astoria’s Uptime package is designed to watch you like a hawk. Like a hawk that circles and guard’s its nest, Uptime will proactively and aggressively watch over your system’s and devices.


The need for intelligent experts is imperative when navigating a ransomware attack. Support is just a call away, assuring you that your business will not suffer.

Real Time Monitoring.

When your system is under consistent surveillance for malicious malware or hackers, Astoria can quickly locate and efficiently prevent harmful attacks.

Anti-Virus Support

Like a hawk Astoria will be above the front lines protecting you and helping your staff navigate any possible virus or hacking attacks. Along with establishing a strong anti-virus system to keep virus malware from corrupting your systems.


Astoria will create a firewall system and protocols that will ensure your systems are fully protected from any unapproved traffic.

Quarterly Maintenance.

Astoria will ensure your systems are consistently up to date and functioning properly. We want you always running at 100%.

Back Up

The most vital part to an MSP is creating a healthy backup system. Astoria will store daily or weekly backups for your business.

This prevents data loss, corruption and ransomware attacks from disabling your systems.

IT Security Assessments.

Astoria will to come to you, and inventory your entire network and secure every device on your network. We will do physical inspections of all devices on site to discover any vulnerabilities.

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Stop worrying about IT.

Whether you have a pressing technical problem or are at the early stage of an IT project, we are here to help.

Astoria uses models like, the cyber security zero trust model

We treat our clients like family. Astoria will prioritize you, be flexible for you, and like a family we will protect you.

Like a hawk, Astoria keeps family at the center of what we do and how we protect and build each other up. This extends to our customers; we will aggressively and protectively support our business partners and customers.

Here at Astoria, you are our family. How can we help you?

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