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Why Astoria and ONEPOS?

Having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a Point of Sale (POS) company as the same vendor can offer several advantages:

1. Seamless Integration: When both services are provided by the same vendor, integration between the MSP services and the POS system is likely to be smoother. This integration can lead to better compatibility, fewer technical issues, and streamlined operations.

2. Unified Support: Dealing with a single vendor for both MSP and POS services simplifies support and troubleshooting. Instead of having to coordinate between multiple vendors when issues arise, you can rely on a single point of contact for assistance, which can save time and reduce confusion.

3. Holistic Approach to Technology Management: A vendor that offers both MSP and POS services can take a holistic approach to managing your technology infrastructure. They can better understand your business needs and goals, and tailor their services accordingly to optimize both your IT environment and your POS system.

4. Cost Efficiency: Bundling MSP and POS services from the same vendor may lead to cost savings. Vendors might offer discounts or package deals for clients who utilize multiple services, making it more economical than purchasing these services separately from different providers.

5. Consistency and Accountability: Working with a single vendor fosters accountability. They are responsible for both the MSP and POS aspects of your business technology, which can lead to better consistency in service delivery and accountability for any issues that may arise.

6. Strategic Alignment: When MSP and POS services come from the same vendor, there is greater potential for strategic alignment. The vendor can align their offerings with your business objectives more effectively, providing technology solutions that support your overall goals and growth trajectory.

7. Enhanced Visibility and Coordination: MSPs have comprehensive visibility into the entire network infrastructure, including servers, workstations, and network devices. This visibility enables them to monitor and manage the network efficiently. However, when the POS system is managed by a separate vendor, it creates silos of information and communication. This lack of coordination can lead to inefficiencies, security gaps, and difficulties in troubleshooting issues that arise between the POS system and other network components.

8. Improved Security and Compliance: Security and compliance are critical considerations for both MSP and POS systems. Having these services from the same vendor allows for better coordination of security measures and ensures that both the network infrastructure and the POS system are adequately protected. It also simplifies compliance requirements, as the vendor can implement consistent security protocols and address regulatory obligations across the entire technology stack.

9. Faster Problem Resolution: In the event of technical issues or system failures, having both MSP and POS services from the same vendor facilitates faster problem resolution. The MSP can quickly identify and address issues that impact the POS system, minimizing downtime and disruptions to business operations. Conversely, if the MSP and POS services are provided by separate vendors, resolving issues may involve lengthy back-and-forth communication and coordination, leading to delays in restoring service.

By integrating MSP and POS services from the same vendor, businesses can ensure better communication, coordination, and alignment of technology resources, leading to improved efficiency, security, and overall performance of their IT infrastructure and point of sale operations.

Overall, having an MSP and a POS company as the same vendor can streamline operations, enhance support, and align technology solutions with business objectives, ultimately contributing to improved efficiency and effectiveness for your business.

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Nate Sheen with DataCom always provides me with excellent service. He provides advice as well as technical support. Every question and problem I have gets a fast, friendly solution to my great satisfaction. I highly recommend him and DataCom. I have been a client for over two years and I have always gotten great personal service. What I really like is DataCom's ability to service me remotely I live in San Antonio, TX and still all of my computer needs are taken care of quickly with great ease for me.
Ted Yearick
Thank You Nate for the prompt service and the IT education you provided to us today. Looking forward to continued service with you. I recommend DataCom Tech to anyone wanting IT service. God Bless you.
Nita Harper
Very Helpful staff quick to help resolve Mac Backup Issue
Angela Cash
They helped me work thru the problem with my new ISP router and I was able to login the next day!
Nate & team are amazing-- Highly recommend.
Charles Mitchell
Prompt courteous complete service!
Paul Etzler
Nate Sheen and his staff have always addressed any issues promptly with great knowledge and skill. I would highly recommend them.
Lidia D.
Astoria Technologies worked tirelessly to fix a complicated problem that I had with my email. They were professional, patient, and fixed the problem. I am very grateful. Integrity Group Services LLC can now run much smoother. knowing I have the Astoria team to help me is a huge relief.
Deborah Giebel
Nate and the team at Astoria are great at finding solutions to my computer issues! Services is timely and I know that when I reach out there will be a solution
Keith Hochadel
Somehow I got locked out of my computer and no password would work. We were very grateful for Astoria's help in solving the problem quickly & efficiently. We received courteous attention and appreciated the patience and clear explanations to questions.
Richard Randolph
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