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Bandwith is something we all have but not many know what it is. You know that you pay for it every month on your Isp bill or your cell phone. What is it really? And do you need more or less?

What is Bandwith?Have you ever worked with a water pipe? A water pipe is the best example to understand bandwith. Imagine that the internet is the Ocean. The internet has a vast, resource of knowledge and your internet connection is the way that you access it. It is much like having a small 1 inch connection that huge ocean of information. Imagine trying to get all that water through your tiny 1 inch connection.This is how data moves through data pipes. The larger your pipe (bandwith) the more you can get through.Internet speeds are based on how much bandwith you can get through.Isp’s base how they charge you on bandwith. There are limits on how big your pipe is, and how much your pipe can transfer in a given period of time (such as during a billing cycle).All of this relates to how fast your internet can be.

How to speed up  your internet connection?

So this is a common question related to what is bandwith.Internally in your home and office you have data pipes. Just because you have a 5 inch pipe coming allowing a lot to come through does not mean you will have that in all your internal pipes. Every single device that connects to your network has a limitation on how much can pass through.A wireless access point may be how you connect to the internet however if that is a small pipe you will not get the total speed you pay for monthly.To speed up your connection you must be certain of the specifications of all the devices on your network and they should meet or exceed the specifications of what you are paying for from your Isp. If they meet or exceed then and your speed is still slow to you should upgrade.If you are unsure on how to do this you should get a network scan to understand the inner workings of your network.

Bandwith is the information flow of the internet. Everyone uses it but you should know how much you have. If you need assistance with slow internet or need help upgrading your devices DataCom Technologies provide network assessments for your home or business so you have a complete picture of what you need to properly use your network to the full potential.

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