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Windows Updates

There is one thing you can do to head off most malware, ransomware, update your computer

Updating your computer is the single most important thing you can do to keep your computer from being attacked!

However this is not something that is often practiced.

Common misconceptions about updates

1. Its inconvenient 

Yes this is true when it decides to update in the middle of the report you are writing or just as you get into the office after the long holiday weekend. However thank you to Microsoft’s development team, windows 10 software watches when you are working and will not update until you are not working. Furthermore you can actually set the time you would like the computer to update.

2. It won’t help anyways

I am not sure where this comes from, but it is not true! I cannot believe how often I see computers not updated. Its almost disgusting! Since the software is not perfect ever, there are continual needs that are addressed by updates. If you intend on keeping your business safe from malware, you must update. Updates give you the best chance at keeping your data safe from hackers.

3. Updates slow down my computer

Actually many times they speed up your computer. Within the programming the old code could have had a longer path for a function and with the new update the development team have made a shorter path thus using less processing.

Keep your computer updated, is the foundation to keeping your computer safe from the threats that are thrown at it daily.

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