Dive into the intertwined world of physical security and cybersecurity with Nate Sheen, a seasoned professional in business management and technology consulting. As the president and founder of Astoria, Nate leads a dedicated team in safeguarding businesses through advanced technology solutions. This comprehensive video delves into the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures, and how they are essential for the success and growth of businesses today. Learn from Nate’s personal journey from running a landscaping business to becoming a technology and cybersecurity expert, his vision for Astoria, and his hands-on approach to protecting clients like a hawk.

Discover the chilling story of MGM’s massive security breach, which serves as a cautionary tale illustrating the potential dangers when cyber measures are compromised. Nate elaborates on crucial concepts like the CIA triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and emphasizes the necessity of two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, he examines common IT administrative issues and the importance of proper onboarding and offboarding protocols to keep business operations secure.

Whether you’re a business owner, an IT professional, or simply curious about the intersection of physical and digital security realms, this video provides invaluable insights and practical advice to secure your enterprise in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Join us for an informative session with Nate Sheen and ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge to defend your business against cyber threats.
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