Why do Non-Profits need MSP’s?   


Non-profit organizations provide specific solutions within our communities that our communities desperately need. Non- profits organizations can look like churches, pregnancy centers, after school programs, library’s, food drives, clothes drives, homeless shelters, battered women shelters, the list is endless. The ins and outs of nonprofit organizations vary depending on the organization. Which is why it is also imperative that non-profits can secure the IT side of their organizations.  

Here is why an MSP is beneficial to non-profit organizations.  



Data Security.  

One of the largest draws for hackers and non-profit organizations is due to the substantial number of donations non-profits will bring in at any given time. Unfortunately, this often goes hand and hand with these organizations not being able to afford the proper security infrastructure to protect themselves. 


Your data within your organization should be secured and updated frequently for your organization’s flow to continue smoothly. Here are a few ways an MSP can help bring you better security. 


Cyber Security Plan.  

Creating a Cyber Security Plan is the best way to protect your interests. How many computers do you have? How many operating systems? How many phones are connected to your system? Do you have a physical security system? Looking into your infrastructure, do you have Wi-Fi? Is that secure? What network devices do you have? Bringing in an MSP that is gifted in this exact line of work is your best way of ensuring your doors are locked tightly. 


Breach Plan.  

What will you do in the event of a breach? You want to figure out what was breached, what was done in the system during the breach, and were any of your customers’ systems breached as well? An MSP can help you create a breach plan in the case of your systems ever falling into the hands of a hacker. 




An MSP (Managed Service Provider) can help you structure goals and create a plan to use technology to your benefit. Non-profits often lean heavily on donation drives to sustain their revenue. However, an MSP can help you create a secure reoccurring program, creating revenue built off monthly donations.   

MSP’s can often help with finances within your non-profit such as billing, budgeting, payments and bank account info and security.  


Remote Support.  

Remote support incorporates faster solutions and help, the moment a problem occurs. The remote support team of your MSP is there to answer your questions, troubleshoot and help with updating software and any other assortment of issues you may come upon. 



MSP’s can accomplish many different goals that at the same time, however depending on your needs you may have to do some investigating to find the right one for you.  


Astoria is a high-level MSP; our goal is to build a plan that helps you be successful. Looking at organizations as a whole and narrowing their attention to the details to assure the most vulnerable parts of your system is now the strongest.  

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