Cloud based phone systems are becoming the norm in the small business space. You see them everywhere. Unless you know you have a cloud-based phone system you will not know you have one and the differences between what is called an on-premise phone system and a cloud-based phone system.

Know the difference between cloud and on-premise phone system

If you have read any of my blog’s, you should know that on-premise is something that lives in your location and cloud-based lives somewhere else. Another clue that you have a cloud-based or on-premise. Cloud based will be billed in a subscription model and on-premise is usually a one-time charge. (Some on-premise are leased)

Cloud based phones

Cloud based phones are the same phones that would be used in an on premise. However, cloud-based phones are economical for small business. Cloud-based will have all the same features of a on-premise system sometimes they have more. The advantage to a cloud-based is a cloud-based provider builds a state-of-the-art system and aggregates the cost of the system to hundreds or thousands of customers. Everyone gets a unique system however if each small business bought an on-premise system with the same features and spend 10 to 20 thousand.

Advantages of a cloud-based phone system

Apart from the obvious upfront cost savings

· A cloud-based phone system is easy to add and remove extensions without drastic costs.

· Cloud-based phone systems have built in support. Instead of putting the strain of support on your own staff you will have support from the company you are purchasing your cloud-based phone system from.

· Cloud-based phone systems are easy to move. Pick up your phones from the desk and take them to another location and they still work.

· Many cloud-based-phone systems integrate with your cell phone. You can simply transfer a call from your desk phone to a coworker’s cell phone or transfer from your cell phone to the office seamlessly.

· Cloud-based phone systems can be setup to work seamlessly from location to locations even if you have different locations on different continents.

Cloud based phone systems can save you time and money. They are easy to integrate into your small business.

If you are interested in a Cloud-based phone system DataCom Technologies is a Cloud-based phone system provider.

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